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Whether you're selling to a vertical category or locally to almost any small-to-midsize business owner, SalesFuel LOCAL brings vital business intelligence (you won't find by searching the web) to your CRM, dashboard or marketing system.

SalesFuel LOCAL provides detailed background intelligence on more than 450 SMB categories giving any salesperson instant expertise on the prospect’s line of business within seconds! SalesFuel LOCAL also provides vital data down to the metro market and zip code level – enabling you to ask smart comparative questions.

Updated Daily

SalesFuel LOCAL is updated every business day with big data and industry trade news sources reporting in real-time. Sellers can stay on top of the challenges, opportunities and changes businesses are facing in order to prospect in time for peak sales seasons.

Human Curated

SalesFuel LOCAL data points are curated by our on-staff research analysts in North America. We analyze and prioritize the data for relevance, so you can share it with confidence during your sales communications.


This market data is localized so salespeople can speak about sales per location,  national competitors operating in the market (and where!), along with the value of a new customer. They can address concerns about local consumer spending and even discuss health ailments that are specific to any of 210 U.S. markets.

SalesFuel LOCAL features:

  • Top Category Opportunities+Challenges
  • Average Category Sales Per Location
  • Category Merchandise Line Sales
  • Peak Sales Seasons
  • Targeted Customers
  • Value of a New Customer
  • Customer Selection Criteria
  • Customer Sales Zone by Mile Radius
  • Consumer spending estimates for 550+ products and services
  • Market population demographics including ancestry
  • Housing and Real Estate data
  • Occupation and Commute time
  • Related automotive ownership stats
  • Related health care needs/ailments for doctors, dentists, hospitals and other caregivers
  • Locations and profiles for nearly 1,400 chains, banks, hospital groups and franchises
  • Health Care + Medical

  • Real Estate

  • Investments

  • Professional Services

  • Food + Beverage

  • Restaurants + Hospitality

  • Automotive

  • Consumer Goods

Find out how SalesFuel LOCAL can make your existing CRM, dashboard or marketing automation system even more powerful!