Looking Back at '08

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The year is coming to a close, and it's typically a time for reflection. Closing the book on 2008, a year that saw some major economic turmoil, gives you the perfect opportunity to look back on your agency and to look forward to the coming year. Advertising Age's Bart Cleveland wrote a great article that presents a sort of checklist for agencies to gauge the year that was. "It is important to invest in yourself and your company when times are bad," he writes. "If you do, when things turn around, you will shoot ahead of your competition and quickly leave bad memories far behind." He suggests the following:

  • Check out last year's efforts.
  • Check out your client roster.
  • Check out your employees.
  • Check out a mirror.
  • Check out your imagination.

How do you best go about "checking" all of these things? Click here for his take on each item. His insight may help get your new year off to a productive start!

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