Majority of Americans Concerned About the Health Impact of Beverages They Drink

Among those getting their health on track in time for New Year's resolutions are consumers who are concerned about the long-​term, negative effects of drinking unhealthy beverages. 

According to a new BeveragePulse​.com study by Concept Catalysts and iModerate Research Technologies, health concerns are the primary driver of recent changes in what consumers buy and drink and will remain the main driver of change for some time to come. Currently, 74% of Americans do not think that beverage companies are concerned about their health.

Respondents to the survey were queried on their consumption of a number of beverages including carbonated soft drinks (diet and regular), beer, wine, energy drinks, bottled/​canned and hot tea, sports drinks, juice and juice drinks, milk, bottled water, tap water, hot coffee and enhanced water.  The majority (60%) of Americans are concerned about the negative health impact of the beverages they drink and the majority of them will be drinking healthier beverages in the next 12 months.

Bob Falkenberg, founder of BeveragePulse​.com and president of Concept Catalysts says, "Our research shows that consumers' health concerns are having an impact on what they drink. Some categories will decline, others will grow, and there will be opportunities for new beverages that better meet consumer preferences."

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