Majority of Gen Y Internet Users Bank Online

Nearly one-​half of Generation Y Internet users planned to sign up for a new financial account in the next year, according to research from financial technology provider Fiserv. They are also more likely than any other generation to consider switching banks and to recommend their primary bank to others, making them an attractive target for financial services marketers.

With 80% of Gen Y Web users banking online, they are comfortable performing financial transactions and lead the way among consumers making online the top banking method in the US. They are also in the vanguard of those opening a variety of financial accounts on the Web, including credit cards, personal loans, savings accounts and debit cards.

Despite their comfort with the Web, even younger adults are most likely to get advice about financial products from friends and family or a significant other. Just one-​quarter relied on bank Websites in their decision-​making process, and even fewer looked to online communities.

A 2009 survey by Google and Compete found that US online deposit account shoppers were most likely to apply for their accounts via the Web, except when it came to checking accounts, when they headed to a local branch. Most respondents to that survey said applying online was more convenient and faster than doing so in person, and 35% said online made it easier to comparison shop.

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