Makeup Usage Increases Sharply in Early Teen Years

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If you think young girls are mak­ing an effort to look more mature at a younger age, you’re not mistaken—and beau­ty man­u­fac­tur­ers are ready to help them along. Accord­ing to new research from Mintel, a sub­stan­tial 61% of girls aged 9–11 would like to wear more make­up than their par­ents allow.

Between real­i­ty stars like the Kar­dashi­ans and best­selling books like Twi­light and Hunger Games, char­ac­ter mer­chan­dis­ing plays a large role in how man­u­fac­tur­ers are mar­ket­ing make­up and acces­sories to the tween and teen crowd and par­ents might strug­gle to keep their chil­dren from want­i­ng a part of it,” notes Kat Fay, senior beau­ty ana­lyst at Mintel. “In order to attract this group and get sup­port from par­ents, prod­ucts must be sub­tle in appear­ance and empha­size that ingre­di­ents are safe for young skin, while still play­ing on the books and TV shows that tweens and teens find appeal­ing.”

When it comes to reg­u­lar usage, 37% of girls aged 9–17 say they use lip gloss/stick every day, while 33% report apply­ing mas­cara on a dai­ly basis. Twenty-seven per­cent sten­cil on eye­lin­er sev­en days a week and 16% use foun­da­tion every day.

It appears that the use of foun­da­tion, eye lin­er and eye shad­ow increas­es sharply from age 12 to 13,” adds Kat Fay. “This sug­gests that the first of the actu­al ‘teen’ years and the begin­ning of junior high school marks the expan­sion into more adult cos­met­ic prod­ucts.”

More than half of all teens indi­cate that their moms help them make cos­met­ic choic­es, but this varies great­ly by age. As expect­ed, tweens are most like­ly to rely on their moth­ers to help with pur­chas­ing deci­sions (73%) while only 39% of girls aged 15–17 say they need (or want) mom’s help. Con­verse­ly, 78% of this old­er seg­ment says they buy what­ev­er looks good on them, while only 36% of tween girls agree with that state­ment.

It appears that adults aren’t the only ones mak­ing fru­gal finan­cial deci­sions when it comes to their beau­ty basics. More than a quar­ter (26%) of tweens and teens say they buy what­ev­er is on sale or cheap­est at the time of pur­chase.

[Source:  Research con­duct­ed by Mintel.  9 Feb. 2012.  Web.  15 Feb. 2012.]