Manage Smarter 124 — Tom Pisello: Tips for Boosting Your Sales Team's ROI

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Tom Pisello is the Founder of the Evolved Selling Institute and currently Chief Evangelist for Mediafly, a leading sales enablement solution provider. He is well known from his podcasts, videos, blog posts, and newsletter as “the ROI Guy.” 

Tom is a serial entrepreneur and author on sales and marketing effectiveness. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Tom discuss:

  • How to changes you can sell as well remotely as well as you did in person
  • Top ways to keep selling in COVID-19
  • Better methods to prepare interactive digital documents to make compelling sales sessions
  • Creating mini-​presentations to keep virtual selling with prospects at a higher level of engagement

"Create little stories you can pivot to. As sales manager you have to teach your sellers to piece together these little mini presentations and be able to jump into these mini stories and in that mode as well to be able to basically share those as a whole presentation."

Thomas Pisello

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