Many Consumers' 2013 Fitness Budgets to Remain Same as Last Year, 16% to Spend More

With the arrival of the new year comes new resolutions. Many of those new year's resolutions will involve getting healthier. A new survey from CouponCabin​.com reveals that 65% of U.S. adults plan on making fitness-​related new year's resolutions this year. Eating healthier, getting in better shape and losing weight top the list, followed by exercising more at home and outdoors, eliminating certain foods from diets and going to the gym more. gym

With so many people focused on improved well-​being in the new year, they will be hitting the gym en masse this January and some current U.S. gym members aren't thrilled about it. More than half (56%) of current gym members at least somewhat dread the new year's resolutions crowd, i.e. the group of people who make fitness-​related resolutions and crowd the gym, take up machines and leave scarce equipment available. Fifteen percent report they completely dread the new year's resolution crowd.

Even though the gym will be packed in the weeks following New Year's Day, many will lose their motivation quickly. More than one-​in-​ten (11%) U.S. adults have signed up for a gym membership as a new year's resolution and quit before the year was over, up from 7% who said the same last year. Women are more likely to quit in less than a year than men, at 14% and 8%, respectively.

Eighty percent of those who have quit the gym within a year quit within five months, with 4% saying they quit in January and 14% quitting in February.

"Getting healthy is a common resolution for many people, and a fitness center often plays a big role," said Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer at CouponCabin​.com. "Sometimes, though, cost can be a concern when it comes to gym memberships. More than half of the people we surveyed said they spent more than $26 per month on fitness-​related expenses last year, which can add up quickly. Get creative and consider low-​cost fitness options around your house and community to help save money."

For many people, their 2013 fitness budgets will remain in line with 2012. Nearly three-​in-​four (73%) who spent money on fitness-​related expenses last year plan to spend the same amount on fitness-​related expenses in 2013 that they did in 2012. Sixteen percent plan to spend more and 26% plan to spend less in 2013.

[Source:  Survey conducted by Harris Interactive/  3 Jan. 2013.  Web.  10 Jan. 2013.]