Market Research to Play Larger Role in Successful Display Campaigns

Marketers seeking to reach specific audiences often use the tools on Google Display Network for their display ad campaigns. Doing so allows them to narrow down placements, sites, categories, topics, keywords, demographics, device and remarketing.  Despite all of these options, it’s tough to run campaigns successfully without the proper research tools. To spend their display ad budget profitably, marketers should be checking out tools offered by third parties.  One way to complete market research could involve using the following strategies and products: 

  •  Target Relevant Categories & Topics: To help marketers find relevant topics or category interests, Ad-​ology provides comprehensive and affordable psychographic data.  The 300+ Audience Interests and Attitudes Reports cover what specific customer segments, think, feel and value. Using this research, banking institutions might realize that running effective display campaigns means targeting country music lovers. Ad-ology’s reports show that online banking consumers also like rock music, cooking, and reading.
  • Scale on Profitable Sites: Marketers often waste thousands of dollars and valuable time on testing traffic sources. New tools such as MixRank’s search engine for ads now allow marketers to find profitable sites in targeted industries.  The MixRank banner and text ad reports show marketers the traffic sources that an ad appears on, even indicating how many times an advertiser chose to target that website in the last 30 days.  If an advertiser ran their ad repeatedly for the last 30 days, it’s safe to assume that the site is performing well for them.  Using tools like MixRank Professional, marketers can export the profitable traffic sources into their own site-​targeted display campaign.
  • Focus on Banner Ads: With keyword targeting, a marketer’s ad shows up right next to similar contextual ads within the same ad unit, meaning potential customers could be seeing and clicking on the competition’s ad.  See how the ad units look below.  In order to avoid this scenario, marketers should aim to cannibalize the competition and occupy the entire ad unit with a banner ad for their campaign. MixRank offers a valuable publisher report that provides examples of successful banner ads on over 95,000 publishers.

Banner Ad Unit vs. Contextual Ad Unit

          As marketers rethink the best way to launch display campaigns, they will likely check out the affordable research tools, Ad-​ology and MixRank, to optimize their strategies and results.

C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith

CEO and Founder at SalesFuel
C. Lee Smith is the President/​CEO of SalesFuel - a firm he founded in 1989. He was named one of the 14 Leading Sales Consultants by Selling Power magazine. Lee is the creator of the AdMall® and SalesFuel COACH™ SaaS platforms. He is also a Gitomer Certified Advisor, expert on the Sales Experts Channel and a C‑Suite Network Advisor.
C. Lee Smith


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