Marketers Aim for Ad Strategies to Differentiate Brand, Product

Who can blame marketers for feeling frustrated as they try to keep up with the rapidly changing world of selling and storytelleradvertising. Many enterprises are barely managing social media and now they’re being told to improve content marketing and their use of big data if they want to stay afloat. The experts at Ipsos ASI are advising marketers to step back and consider the big picture before they rush into applying the latest trends to their businesses.

John Hallward tells readers to think about doing something different in the current price and promotion discounting environment that will lead too many enterprises to the bottom of the profitability scale. One way to address consumer concerns about prices and money might be to promote smaller portions of products – a strategy that could better serve consumer cash flow and manufacturer profitability – as margins can be higher on smaller packages.

With respect to marketing, Hallward reminds readers not to forget search. Search marketing accounts for 50% of online ad spending. As consumers use their mobile devices to shop and move through the purchase path, a search campaign can serve as another touch point. When combined with other media buys, search results can often be the final point of interaction that tips the consumer in favor of a specific brand.

Hallward also has an opinion on media buying as the TV ecosystem continues to fragment. For marketers who can afford it, the purchase of time during ‘unique, special’ events – think Olympics — will deliver the message to a quality, engaged audience. The strategy achieves reach, and if marketers avoid the temptation to buy too many spots in the same program, they’ll also have an affordable frequency of message.

Hallward offers several other strategies which you can read here. Marketers need to remember to begin each year with a blank slate and to ask themselves which marketing formats will truly work to help them achieve their sales goals.

[Source: Hallward, John. Advertising Trends to Watch. Ipsos​-na​.com. 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2013] 
Kathy Crosett
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