Marketers Combining Traditional Formats with Social Media

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Social media has long been a way to dri­ve online inter­ac­tion. First, it was about con­nect­ing peo­ple. Now, mar­keters are using socialmedia1the for­mat to build rela­tion­ships with con­sumers while dri­ving sales. Mar­keters are also real­iz­ing that there’s a con­nec­tion between tra­di­tion­al ad for­mats and social media.

Burst Media’s new Online Insights report leaves lit­tle doubt that the Inter­net and social media go hand in hand. About 2/3 of web users also have a social media pres­ence and over half of these folks are check­ing their social sites dai­ly.  While they are online, 27% of social media users notice when brands are pro­mot­ing their social sites. These same con­sumers also real­ize that brands are pro­mot­ing else­where, specif­i­cal­ly, in tra­di­tion­al media:

  • TV 24.1%
  • Print 21.2%
  • Radio 11.4%
  • Out­door media 9.5%

As more brands pro­mote their social sites in tra­di­tion­al media, they may won­der if the effort is mak­ing a dif­fer­ence. Accord­ing to Burst Media ana­lysts, 60.9%  of social media users say that that they’ll engage with brands on social media after see­ing pro­mo­tions online. Near­ly as many of these con­sumers, 58.7%, say that see­ing a brand’s pro­mo­tion of its social sites on TV dri­ves them to check out these sites.  The social inter­ac­tion dri­ven by mes­sages in radio ads (41.4%) and out­door ads (39.5%) is also sig­nif­i­cant.

Brands can invest sig­nif­i­cant resources in all media forms to make sure con­sumers are con­nect­ing with them social­ly. How­ev­er, when con­sumers come to the social sites, they expect to be reward­ed. While near­ly 50% of con­sumers want to ‘show sup­port’ for the brand, women, in par­tic­u­lar, are look­ing for offers, coupons, or pro­mo­tions.

Have you been pro­mot­ing your social sites through tra­di­tion­al for­mats? If so, has the out­come been suc­cess­ful?

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Kathy Crosett
Kathy is the Vice Pres­i­dent of Research for Sales­Fu­el. She holds a Mas­ters in Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ver­mont and over­sees a staff of researchers, writ­ers and con­tent providers for Sales­Fu­el. Pre­vi­ous­ly, she was co-own­er of sev­er­al small busi­ness­es in the health care ser­vices sec­tor.