Marketers Monitoring Upcoming Regulations for Media World

Last week I blogged about the new attention being focused on the growing battle between privacy advocates and marketers and media providers who use online behavioral tracking . As 2011 approaches, the marketing industry will face other potential regulations that could affect business. The issues were recently outlined by Katy Bachman, writing for AdWeek.

Spectrum Shift

The growing demand for the wireless spectrum means more resources have to shift from what’s been allocated to broadcast. TV stations will likely receive financial incentives to begin sharing spectrums.

Net Neutrality

Industry players have been arguing this point for years and now it seems the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will vote on the issue this week.  One part of this battle revolves around whether the FCC can legally regulate the Internet, and if so, if can it force large providers to stop slowing down or blocking legal content in order to increase their revenues.  Small operators claim they face the possibility of substantially higher costs without government assistance.

Online Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is currently accepting comments from interested parties on its proposed Do Not Track idea. At the same time the online ad industry has put a self-​regulatory system in place. In 2011, this issue is likely to be debated frequently.

Media Ownership

As the lines blur between media formats, the FCC may rethink strict regulations on ownership. Previous laws prevented one company from owning a local newspaper and TV station in the same market in order to prevent a monopoly on news and opinion. Existing laws have loosened somewhat in recent years.

Retransmission Battles

Broadcasters have in some cases imposed signal blackouts when price negotiations break down with cable companies. The FCC plans to look into the matter in 2011. And legislation has been introduced in Congress to prevent the blackouts from occurring. But the profit pressures on broadcasters mean some programming, like local news, would be cut back if drastic reform occurs.

Action taken on any of these items may mean big changes for marketers and media space providers.

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Kathy Crosett
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