Marketers Move to Allow Consumers More Control Over Online Ad Preferences

Consumers have grown accustomed to obtaining a certain amount of free content and datagoodentertainment in exchange for watching marketing pitches. In the old days, think pre-​digital, this exchange was largely anonymous. But with more consumers seeking free entertainment online, marketers want personal information in order to make their pitches more effective. Many people want to know how far consumers are willing to go in giving up their data.

Research companies regularly study this topic. Zogby Analytics is the latest to publish a report, this time for the Digital Advertising Alliance.  Zogby asked consumers how they feel about potential legislation that would protect their personal information while it also reduces the amount of free content available online. About 43% of consumers are not in favor of such a law. In fact, 63.7% of surveyed consumers say free content is extremely important to the value of the Internet while 28.6% say it is somewhat important. Further, nearly 60% attribute online ads with helping them find an offer or product. Over half of consumers also say that online ads help them save time and money.

Consumers do have opinions about who should have control over what ads they see:


  • Themselves: 75%
  • Browser operators: 11%
  • Government 9%

Consumers are still worried about online trouble like identity theft (38.7%) and viruses (33.5%). Marketers hope to continue moving in the direction of targeted online advertising. To do so, they might want to consider allowing consumers more control over the types of ads they are seeing.

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Kathy Crosett
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