Marketers to Promote New Consoles to Dedicated Gamers

There may be thousands of people playing Angry Birds on their mobile phones, but for many gamers there is no substitute for a good videogame console. New research from The Nielsen Company shows that a significant number of gamers will ante up for the latest console models as soon as they are available.

Almost half of gamers (47%) expect to see Nintendo release the next version of its Wii system within 2 years. At that point, 27% of gamers will upgrade to the new console within 6 months of release. Microsoft is also a serious contender in this market. About 40% of gamers are looking for a new version of the Xbox 360 to appear in 2 years. And 25% of the gaming market will shell out big bucks to get their hands on the latest Microsoft hardware. Sony is the other leader player in this market space.  However, analysts believe that Apple could move into this territory. So do 39% of gamers. If Apple does introduce a game-​capable iPad, 18% of gamers would want one within 6 months of release.

Gamers are also using their consoles for multiple purposes. About 70% of PlayStation 3 owners enjoy watching Blue-​Ray formatted movies while 43% of gamers with Xb360 consoles watch DVDs. Other common activities include watching video on demand, social networking, listening to music and viewing online video.

As new consoles are being developed for release and as consumers find new ways to use this hardware, marketers can approach advertising from a variety of angles in order to increase revenue.

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Kathy Crosett
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