Marketers Seek Distinct Audiences on Social Networks

After last week’s strong earnings report by Facebook, it’s likely that more marketers will catch the social media wave. The Creative Group’s trafficjamlatest survey shows a significant increase in the number of marketers who plan to spend money on this site. Facebook is just one of several  social sites that marketers will be allocating more advertising funds to this year.

The survey results indicate that the following percentages of marketers will increase their advertising budget allocations to specific social sites:

  • Facebook 62%
  • LinkedIn 51%
  • GooglePlus 50%
  • Twitter 48%
  • YouTube 40%
  • Pinterest 35%
  • Instagram 32%

Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group, notes that nearly every campaign this year should include a social media component. "The challenge is determining which channels make the most sense for the brand and how to truly engage with customers via social media," says Farrugia.

As social sites become more distinctive in the audiences they reach, research firms are tracking how consumers are interacting on them and how brands should approach their marketing campaigns in these environments. Recently, Gigya reported that just about half of all social logins and shares are linked to Facebook.  Google is quickly growing, though, and now accounts for 24% of social login activity. John Eklaim, vice president of marketing at Gigya, says that while Facebook and Google+ are “identity networks”, Twitter “shines as a social sharing tool.” Twitter also fares well with sharing of consumer brands but it’s Pinterest that has 41% of e‑commerce shares.

As you've been working on your own social media strategy or  if you're developing one for a client, have you been attempting to target the distinct audiences that can be found on these networks?

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Kathy Crosett
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