Marketers Should be Aware of Dramatic Effects That Motherhood Causes in the Female Brain

The hand that rocks the cradle not only rules the world, it also controls 85% of household purchasing power. Now, recent advances in neuroscience suggest that marketers who are unaware of the dramatic changes that motherhood causes in the female brain risk seriously missing the mark in reaching this enormous and powerful consumer segment. 

Author Dr. A. K. Pradeep, CEO of NeuroFocus, the world's largest neuromarketing company, explains in detail how the female brain undergoes fundamental structural and behavioral changes that can significantly affect how mothers perceive and respond to commercial messages, package designs, retail environments, and many other components of modern marketing. He reveals that neuroscience has only begun exploring the maternal human brain in any depth within the past five years, but the findings provide startling insights into the profound alterations that occur during pregnancy and throughout the life of every mother.

The following are marketing implications that can be drawn from this new body of research about how the Mommy Brain:

  • gains enhanced sensory capabilities, especially the sense of smell; this has significant implications for marketers who might explore adding "scent marketing" elements to their packaging and retail displays
  • adds supercharged new neural networks that impact every lobe of the brain
  • puts a premium on authenticity in products and marketing messages
  • doubles in size its 'brain maps' of the chest and upper arm areas
  • functions with greatly enhanced emotional intelligence — especially the feeling of empathy
  • operates an unmatched mirror neuron system that presents important opportunities — and potential pitfalls — for marketers to pursue

"Women who go through pregnancy and give birth experience the most significant brain changes of their adult lives," Dr. Pradeep said. "If your product, your package, your message, or your retail environment hits home with these highly-​evolved brains, you have won over powerful allies who will support you through an enhanced network of online and offline communities beyond anything that your company could create. But if you aren't aware of what the Mommy Brain demands in each of these categories, and make a mistake, those very same networks of Mommy Brains may reject you out of hand."

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