Marketers Teaming with Employers to Roll Out Digital Coupons

With the national healthcare plan expanding across the U.S. this year, several influential coupondiscountgroups are seeking ways to help consumers cut back on unhealthy habits. The goal is to reduce  costs by improving overall health. One way to do this is through better dietary choices and food marketers are rolling out digital coupons to consumers through some unique channels.

Digital coupons make up a small but growing percentage of the total coupons issued every year. Consumers are generally used to looking through printed circulars that arrive with their newspapers to find savings on their favorite food items. Industry operators such as SavingStar have teamed up with grocers and big-​name CPG brands to deliver digital discounts directly to enrolled consumers who redeem at the checkout counters.

Some of the coupon facilitators are now working with third-​party benefits firms. The idea is for employers to distribute savings on healthy food items to their employees. Experts believe these benefits can be offered on a large scale to national as well as smaller employers. Individual supermarkets are as likely to participate as well in order to increase sales, a move that would generate some competition in the ‘healthy-​food’ market. According to an AdAge report, the typical employer already spends an average of $520 per employee annually in attempts to improve lifestyles. The value of digital coupon programs is that employers will know if employees are redeeming these coupons.

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Kathy Crosett
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