Marketers To Manage Mobile App Campaigns by Calendar Month

Mobile marketing has been viewed by some enterprises as a format for exploration. But sophistication is smartphonequickly growing. Marketers are spending significant resources determining costs per loyal user and they're paying attention to when they release their apps in order to generate maximum impact.

Fiksu regularly publishes indexes that show download volumes of the top 200 free apps for the iPhone. Mobile marketers may want to check out this data as they increase their budget for this format. For example, over the past 6 months, the number of consumers who download the top free iPhone apps has grown consistently. In June 2012, top apps attracted 4.63 million users.  While the numbers dipped slightly late last summer, top-​rated apps were getting 5.32 million downloads in December and 6.01 million downloads in January.

Mobile is generally considered to be a cost efficient way to reach consumers. According to Fiksu, though, the cost to reach a loyal user effectively is subject to some seasonality. Not surprisingly, prices rise around the holidays as brands heavily market apps in the hopes of getting more consumers to sign up with them. During December 2012, the cost of a loyal user, one who opens an app at least 3 times, was $1.67. By January 2013, the cost had dropped to $1.56. Analysts note that marketers who can afford to wait until the new year to launch their apps definitely enjoy more affordable metrics. This information is especially helpful for certain categories, such as travel. These operators can preserve their budgets and spend them in early spring and may be able to achieve a better reach for less money. However, the big advantage marketers have been counting on early in each new year is shrinking.

Micah Adler, Fiksu CEO notes, "We expect brands to allocate more dedicated spending to mobile advertising campaigns in 2013 and to only get savvier about aligning seasonal spending to the ebbs and flows of user acquisition costs.”

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Kathy Crosett
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