Marketers to Target Consumers With Year-​Round Holiday Decorating Products

Decorating for holidays has become a year-​round interest for consumers and an opportunity for marketers. With consumers planning to spend over $19 billion on holiday decorations in the coming  year, retailers can develop seasonal promotions to keep sales strong.

In a new report from Unity Marketing, Pam Danziger reveals, "When it comes to the decorations market, customers focus on what's new, what's different, what's distinctive for each season.” Christmas remains the heavyweight holiday in seasonal decorating accounting for 60% of annual expenditures. Every year, consumers find something new to purchase. This year, for example, marketers are advertising tall, slim trees and encouraging shoppers to purchase several to use in their homes.

The new slim-​line trees are an example of how marketers can continue to generate sales in holiday decorating products. Consumers are open to purchasing new decorations each year to stay trendy. In addition, consumers can be encouraged to decorate more areas of their homes and yards. Areas like an interior doorway or a front porch can be a seasonal decorating opportunity.

Danziger notes that the spring and summer holiday decorating market is still growing. Most consumers have yet to purchase items in patriotic red, white and blue, for example. At the same time, consumers still want to use natural decorations in their schemes so marketers and retailers can increase sales by marketing these products and displaying ideas about the best way to use them in residential settings.

Local retailers aren’t the only ones selling seasonal decorations. Consumers have shifted a significant part of their seasonal decorating spending to the Internet.

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Kathy Crosett
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