Marketers Venturing into Mobile Voice-​Based Ads

Most key players in the mobile ad industry have complaints. Marketers don’t think customers are looking at the ads, consumers don’t want their smartphonecouplescreen space jammed with tiny messages, and publishers are struggling to make any real money on the format.  Marketers and publishers are now exploring whether mobile can be more meaningful with voice.

Despite complaints about accuracy, the mobile ad industry relies on clicks to track campaign success. Now, a company called Nuance is helping to roll out a platform that allows marketers to use voice and believe this format will increase engagement and improve accurate measurement of campaign statistics. Writer Ricardo Bilton points out that consumers are already primed to listen to their phones, given the success of Apple’s SIRI.  The voice-​endable ads are meant to be entertaining and more engaging in a way that pure display can’t match. When consumers listen to a voice-​based ad, marketers will know that the individual is clearly engaged and not accidentally clicking on the ad. Nuance has already begun to sign up marketers and agencies who are interested in delivering voice-​based ads to consumers. The first large-​scale introduction of the technology took place earlier this week at Mobile Summit Today. It's too soon to tell how big this trend will be but marketers who want to stand apart from the crowd or be seen as leading edge will likely give it a try.

There is the perennial concern that this form of messaging will be seen as another annoyance by consumers. But if the ads are done right, think humor, they could be a hit.

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Kathy Crosett
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