Marketing Security Software

Consumers and businesses are not taking appropriate measures to protect their computer equipment from hackers or identity thieves. Those are the survey findings from the National Cyber Security Alliance. Part of the problem may be genuine confusion about the function and purpose of firewalls and spam filters as the following survey results indicate.

  • Consumers who believe they have a firewall installed: 80%
  • Consumers who actually have a firewall installed: 42%
  • Consumers who believe they have a spam filter installed: 75%
  • Consumers who actually have a spam filter installed: 52%

In general, only  about ¼ of computer users believe their computers are safe from hackers.

Talk with your software security vendors about developing an educational marketing campaign on the functions of firewalls and spam filters to increase sales. Computer repair service vendors could boost sales by advertising these products as well.
[Source: National Cyber Security Alliance press release in conjunction with Symantec, October 2008]

Kathy Crosett
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