Mastering the Art of Sales: Video

BY Rachel Cagle
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The world may be opening back up since COVID-​19 shut everything down in March. However, it may still take some time before your prospective customers are comfortable enough to have in-​person sales meetings with you. But there is only so much humanity a sales rep can squeeze into a sales call and even less will be transmitted via email. How can sales reps still keep a human touch at the forefront of their sales process from a distance? The answer is the art of sales using video, says Gil Peretz, writing for SellingPower.

There are a few tricks to nailing the art of sales using video. “No computer or video sales call should feel like a high-​tech presentation,” says Peretz. “Instead, it should be like an intimate high-​touch conversation.” Here is how you can achieve this.

The Art of Sales: Video

Stand Up

You are probably not used to making sales sitting down. Sitting down limits your energy and movement and can throw you off your game since it’s out of the norm. Sadly, that's all you've been able to do since having to make sales presentations online this year. But the art of sales using video actually gives you more mobility than you may have thought. If you have a laptop or standing desk, or if you're using your smartphone, you can still stand up and move a bit. So, don’t be afraid to stand up during your presentation. But if you're using a laptop or mobile device, try not to move so much that the blurry background may distract the prospect or give them motion sickness. Even if your don't have a standing desk in your home, just place your computer on a higher surface so that you can stand up and give your video sales a bit more energy.

Focus on the Camera

It can be tempting to look at ourselves in the corner of whichever video sales channel we are using. After all, when else can we constantly monitor how we appear to others and make changes accordingly? However, if you are looking at yourself, you won’t be making “eye contact” with your prospect. Shifty eyes are body language that breeds distrust. To avoid this sales-​spoiling behavior, look into the camera during video calls. That way, to your prospect, your eyes will be looking straight out at them. You don't have to do that constantly, though; that would just be weird. But make sure the prospect knows that they are your main focus.

Pay Attention to Your Tone

Except for some facial expressions and tiny hand movements, your customer doesn’t notice your body language through their screen,” says Peretz. When making your video sales, it’s up to your voice to make up for the body language that won’t be shown. Pay attention to how quickly or slowly you’re talking to your prospects and what tone of voice you’re using. Is it driving home the point you want to make? If not, change it. Don’t be afraid to record yourself a few times in advance of the sale to make sure your voice is doing what you want it to.