Media Companies to Challenge Google’s Dominance in Online Marketing

Can any technology existing today seriously challenge Google’s position as the champion of online advertising?  Industry experts and startups are always looking for the next new thing. Some tech gurus believe that Twitter is preparing a new twist on promoted tweets which could chip away onlinesmarphoneat Google’s lead in search marketing revenue.

Writing for Ad Age, Cotton Delo describes a service that Twitter may release by year-​end. The company hopes to sell a geo-​fencing capability to retailers who want to get their promoted tweets in front of shoppers who are physically nearby. The success of the strategy would depend on shoppers using Twitter’s mobile apps while they are out and this would be especially  appealing during the busy holiday season.

Like many vendors going after mobile ad dollars, Twitter has experimented with pricing levels. The company has rolled out more small-​business friendly pricing this year and John Koetsier at VentureBeat says the investment for a marketer is now on par with Google Adwords.

Of course, marketers care about results and they’ll be especially interested to hear of Lenovo’s success with geo-​targeted tweets. The firm’s marketing manager, Andy Murray claims “geo-​targeted Twitter Ads are powerful and can outperform search.” Lenovo traced over $27,000 in revenue to its promoted accounts and promoted tweets.

If Twitter can show local retailers big results, it’s likely to capture some of the ad money that’s  currently going to Google or Facebook. That development may heat up the mobile market in a big way.

Have you experimented yet with promoted tweets?

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Kathy Crosett
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