Men More Likely Than Women to Purchase Items Via Their Mobile Devices

According to uSamp, looking at the mobile shopping habits of 1,100 men and woman, ages 18 – 75, 12% of woman find themselves shopping on their mobile devices while in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. On the other hand, 25% of men most frequently shop on mobile while at the office. 

The survey found that men are more likely than woman to purchase items over their mobile devices:

  • 27% of males purchase consumer electronics on mobile vs. 8% of females
  • 23% of males purchase movie and event tickets on mobile vs. 11% of females
  • 30% of males purchase digital content on mobile vs. 20% of females
  • 13% of males purchase food and drinks on mobile vs. 8% of females
  • 8% of males purchase office supplies on mobile vs. 4% of females

In addition to the buying habits of men and woman while shopping on mobile, the survey took a look at how mobile devices are being used in purchase decisions. Ninety-​one percent of males have scanned a product barcode with their mobile device vs. 85% of woman. The survey found that men and woman who scan barcodes with mobile areshopping at these types of stores:

  • Electronic store: 27% male vs. 12% female
  • Convenience store: 7% male vs. 3% female
  • Health & Beauty Store: 6% female vs. 2% male
[Source:  Survey conducted by uSamp Mobile.  12 Sept. 2012.  Web.  28 Sept. 2012.]