Men's Skincare Sales Continuing to Grow as More Men Embracing Routine Skincare

The NPD Group recently released results on the men’s skincare market. On track with the sales in the men’s current retail business, men’s skincare sales increased six percent year-​to-​date (January through July) 2012, compared to the same time last year, generating $45.5 million. In addition, NPD found that at least seven in 10 men are buying facial skincare products for themselves. Today’s man is more concerned than ever with looking good from head to toe and is willing to invest in high-​end skincare products. 

The growth in men’s skincare sales echoes the strong performance in the overall prestige beauty market,” said Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst, The NPD Group.  “As seen in many beauty departments, products like facial moisturizers and eye treatments can be found next to the basic bar soap and shaving cream.”

All men’s segments posted increases in dollars in the first seven months of the year, versus January through July of 2011, with four exceeding the overall category performance: Sets & Kits (+11%), Body (+14%), Sun (+27%), and Hair (+8%). Face, was the only category that did not outperform the total, but captured the lion’s share of the men’s business, totaling 81 percent dollar share. The Face segment generated $36.7 million and increased +5% year-​to-​date 2012.

Many men are catching up to women with embracing the routine of a facial skincare regimen. The double-​digit increase in sets and kits, which are often introductory products, is quite promising leading us to believe that more and more men are conquering the facial skincare frontier,” said Grant.

Among the top 10 men’s sub-​segments, six out-​performed the category: Facial Moisturizers (+7%), Eye Treatment (+16%), All Other Body* (+13%), Body Cleansers (+16%), and All Other Face** (+30%). For the first time in the last four years, the sub-​segment of Age Specialist, declined in both dollar (-21%) and unit growth (-25%).

The overall best-​selling men’s skincare products for year-​to-​date 2012 were Clinique’s Skin Supplies for Men Face Scrub 3.4 oz., followed by Skin Supplies for Men: Lotion tube, another Clinique best seller.

With substantial growth in a number of smaller categories, it seems that men are stepping out of their comfort zone even further to try the latest skincare innovations,” said Grant. “Men are purchasing toners and clarifiers to brightening specialists and ‘In Sun’ protection products making it quite an interesting time for men’s grooming product.”

*All Other Body: Deodorant, Body Supplements, Body Sprays, etc.
**All Other Face: Face Supplements, Whitening Treatments, etc.

[Source:  Research conducted by The NPD Group.  23 Aug. 2012.  Web.  24 Aug. 2012.]