Mobile Devices to Contribute to Strong Ecommerce Holiday Sales

Mobile devices account for a rapidly growing share of U.S. retail ecommerce sales, and are expected to contribute to strong ecommerce sales growth this holiday season, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates.  eMarketer projects that retail ecommerce holiday sales in the U.S. will rise about 15% again this year, matching 2012’s gains. In total, U.S. retail ecommerce sales for the holiday season—defined as November and December—are expected to reach $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion in 2012. mobilephonemulticultural


Mcommerce is expected to play an important part in overall digital holiday retail spending. This year, mobile devices will account for a larger-​than-​expected share of total U.S. retail ecommerce sales, according to the newly revised forecast. eMarketer expects that mobile’s share will reach 16% in 2013.  In total, eMarketer predicts retail mcommerce sales will reach $41.68 billion this year and by 2017, retail sales made on mobile devices will climb to well over $100 billion.

eMarketer believes mobile devices contribute to overall commerce sales growth in two ways, both as a driver of total sales, as more consumers make purchases on their smartphones and tablets, and, increasingly, as a shopping research tool, driving consumers into stores or back to desktops where they complete transactions.


Tablets are particularly significant for mcommerce sales growth. As more consumers have embraced these devices for lean-​back browsing of potential purchases, retailers have made greater efforts to make sure their tablet retail sites and apps are particularly rich and responsive. This year, eMarketer predicts, tablet retail mcommerce sales will hit $26.05 billion, or 62.5% of U.S. retail mcommerce sales overall, an increase from last year when tablets took a 56.2% share of mcommerce retail sales.


Smartphones are expected to garner a 35.0% share of mcommerce sales, a percentage that will continue shrinking throughout the forecast period as sales on tablets maintain far higher growth rates. In 2017, smartphones will account for 27.0% of retail mcommerce sales, eMarketer predicts. But actual sales dollars spent on purchases made via smartphones will continue growing at healthy double-​digit rates. This year, retail sales made on smartphones will total $14.59 billion, and that figure will more than double to $30.66 billion by 2017.

For the full-​year 2013, total U.S. retail ecommerce sales are expected to reach $262.3 billion, growing by 16.4% during the year. eMarketer predicts growth in the fourth quarter will reach 15.5% over the same period last year. That's compared to Q4 2012, when the U.S. Department of Commerce reported a retail ecommerce gain of 15.73%.

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