Moms Actively Seek Coupons Through Multiple Channels

Mothers are active seekers of coupons and other money-​saving offers. In an era when technology puts guidance from fellow mothers at her fingertips, a mother will often be indifferent to the boasts of a brand or store. But she does welcome—and seek—marketers’ offers of money-​saving deals, according to a new eMarketer report.

Couponing is certainly the norm among mothers. In December 2013 Allrecipes​.com polling, over seven in 10 mothers said they used “coupons I have clipped” when at the grocery store, and more than one-​third used the store’s printed flyer/​coupon book.


Mothers use multiple channels to access coupons. When a December 2013 study by Womensforum asked mothers where they found coupons for food and drinks they bought at the supermarket, the majority cited newspapers/​magazines (77.8%), circulars from local stores (65.4%) and ads online, including on blogs (55.1%). A sizeable minority pointed to “food or frugal-​focused website/​bloggers that share coupons” (37.8%).

Mothers who worry about the cost of a smartphone can take solace in knowing the device saves them money as shoppers. Many use it to access coupons, compare prices and compose shopping lists that immunize them from pricey impulse purchases.

When a BabyCenter survey conducted in July and August 2013 asked smartphone-​using mothers about how they used the device, 72% agreed at least somewhat with the statement, “I’m always on the lookout for great deals.”

A deal conveyed via smartphone can be a call to action for many mothers. In a Harris Interactive survey for Placecast among mobile phone-​owning parents in May 2013, 46% of the mothers said they had taken action because of a promotion or coupon received in that way.


Mothers’ interaction with brands via social media has a distinctly mercenary character. They are not averse to connecting with brands in that environment, but a marketer must make it worth their while.

In a March 2013 BabyCenter survey among mothers and soon-​to-​be mothers who used social networks, nearly eight in 10 cited coupons and discounts as reasons why they “liked” or followed a brand. In the same survey, about six in 10 said they made a purchase because a brand had posted a coupon or other offer to a social site.

According to Ad-​ology Research, coupon users are significantly less willing to pay for high quality, and are less likely than the average consumer to switch brands to support an important cause or charity, even if all things are equal.  In addition, coupon users are much less likely to have a favorite store where they usually shop.

Television advertising, followed by newspaper ads, (print, online mobile or tablet) and Internet banner ads have the most influence on coupon users.  Combining these promotional formats with a coupon campaign may be a good way for marketers to connect with this audience.

AudienceSCAN data is available as part of a subscription to Ad-​ology PRO. Media companies can access AudienceSCAN data through the Audience Intelligence Reports in AdMall.