Moms of Tweens are Tech-​Savvy Multi-​Taskers, Use Web and Mobile Technology More than Average Adult

A new report from the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association examines the similarities, differences, online shopping and search habits of moms of pre-​teens compared to the average U.S. adult.  Moms with tweens, defined as children aged eight to 12, use the Internet for research and also share information they find there through e‑mails and text messages more often than does the average adult, according to the survey data. 

The group's semi-​annual survey indicates that multitasking moms use web and mobile technology more than the average adult.

For example, 47.6% of moms of tweens say they prefer to send e‑mail after searching online, compared with 46.2% of all adults, and 21.6% of moms of tweens say they communicate about a service or product found online via text, compared with 17.6% of all adults. A full third of moms of tweens report regularly or occasionally using their mobile device to search online for product information, compared with 31.3% of all adults.

When it comes to what drives moms to make a specific grocery or apparel purchase, the survey found that coupons serve as the top media influencer for both grocery (79.1%) and apparel (46.0%) purchases. In comparison to the average adult, coupons (70.8%) are the top media influencer for grocery purchases but word of mouth wins out for apparel purchases (33.8%).

Mommy bloggers”, as they are known, have become a very popular demographic for retailers to target. Many of these women’s websites and blogs are even sponsored because of the visibility among mothers across the coutry. When it comes to moms of tweens who regularly or occa-​sionally read blogs, more than half (52.2%) check out their favorite site in the blo-​gosphere, compared to 49.8 percent of average adults. Moms with tweens leave the actual work to others, however, as fewer admit to posting to blogs (26.4% vs. 27.5% of other adults) and maintaining a blog (13.0% vs. 15.1% of other adults.)

Other findings include:

  • 48.2% of moms with tweens report that they regularly use Facebook, compared with 39.9% of all adults.
  • 43.5% of moms with tweens indicated that using e‑mail and instant messaging was a favorite leisure time activity, compared with 41.2% of all adults.
  • Moms with tweens are more likely to start an online search after viewing a coupon (46%) than the average adult (35.6%).
  • Moms with tweens read blogs more often (52.2%) than their adult counterparts (49.8%); however moms with tweens post to blogs less often (26.4%) than the average adult (27.5%).

Moms of tweens are tech-​savvy and are adept at bargain-​hunting and multi-​tasking. Retailers should continue to find ways to attract mom — and her pre-​teens — with coupons, fun and appealing phone applications and even social networking website promotions.

[Source:  "Moms of Tweens:  More "In Tune" Than You Think."  Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA)/National Retail Federation (NRF). 9 Aug. 2010.  Web.  13 Aug. 2010.]