More Consumers Exploring Online Grocery Shopping

As the popularity of online shopping grows, consumers are beginning to explore new digital shopping categories, including groceries. A new survey from CouponCabin​.com finds that 15% of U.S. adults have shopped for groceries online. An additional 19% said they don't currently, but plan to in the future. GroceryBag

The high cost of food may prompt some shoppers to click their way through their grocery list. The majority, 91%, of U.S. adults indicate they are at least somewhat aware of rising food prices due to weather-​related issues in 2012. In addition, 70% of U.S. adults who haven't shopped for groceries online said they would be at least somewhat likely to do so if online groceries were less expensive than buying them in the store. Eighteen percent said they would be very likely to do so.

"The combination of high food prices, busy families and easy Internet accessibility has led to an increased interest in online grocery shopping," said Jackie Warrick, senior savings advisor at CouponCabin​.com. "Consumers have long bought items like apparel and electronics online. Now, they're seeking out ways to further take advantage of online shopping."

For some consumers, the desire for online groceries has yet to be met. In fact, nearly four-​in-​ten (39%) of U.S. adults wish their local grocery store offered a delivery service.

A variety of reasons were cited as plusses to hitting the virtual supermarket aisles. When asked what they believed to be the positive aspects of ordering groceries online, U.S. adults selected the following:

  • Saves time – 65%
  • Less likely to impulse buy because you're not tempted by the items in the store – 56%
  • Saves money sometimes because there are better prices – 41%
  • Makes it easier to plan menus because you can add items to your virtual "cart" throughout the week – 38%
  • Can help you eat healthier because you're not tempted to buy junk food – 36%
  • Other positive aspects – 13%
  • There aren't any positive aspects to ordering groceries online – 13%

Not everything about ordering groceries online is peachy keen. When asked what they believed to be the negative aspects of ordering groceries online, U.S. adults selected the following:

  • It's difficult to select certain items you want without seeing them in person, such as produce or meat – 73%
  • You have to wait at home during a specific time window for the items to be delivered – 58%
  • Not every item you want is available – 49%
  • Can't use paper coupons – 46%
  • More expensive – 40%
  • Other negative aspects – 9%
  • There aren't any negative aspects to ordering groceries online – 5%

Regardless of the sentiment toward online grocery shopping, consumers should do their homework ahead of time to maximize the convenience and savings.

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[Source:  "More Than One-​Third of U.S. Adults Currently or Plan to Shop for Groceries Online."  CouponCabin/​Harris Interactive.  13 Feb. 2013.  Web.  21 Feb. 2013.]