More Consumers Think Private Labels are a Good Alternative to National Brands

A growing number of consumers no longer view private label goods or "no frills" brands as inferior to national brands, but rather as an economical alternative to theconsumer-spend-insights brands they purchase everyday.

In fact, new consumer polling data from the Private Label Manufacturers Association's ongoing study, "Store Brands and The Recession," conducted by GfK Custom Research North America and co-​sponsored by MMI (Marketing Management, Inc.), a sales and marketing company that specializes in store brands, revealed some interesting findings:

Among the findings of the nearly 800 main household grocery shoppers surveyed were:

  • 35% of shoppers are trying store brand products for the first time in categories where they had previously only purchased national brand items. Among this group, 94% say these store brand products compare "favorably" to their previous choice.
  • 91% of shoppers in the survey say they believe they are going to continue buying store brand products even after the recession ends. Only 8% of the consumers polled said they intend to stop buying private label.
  • The quality of store brand products is a big factor in convincing shoppers to keep buying them, with 9 out of every 10 shoppers agreeing the store brand products they buy are just as good as, or better than, national brand products.
  • Nearly half of all consumers polled say they believe the supermarket where they normally shop should carry more store brands.
  • Nearly three-​fourths of respondents say the recession is an important factor in their decision-making.
  • Compared to one year ago, 3 in 10 customers say they are now buying more store brand products.
  • Fifty-​seven percent say they buy private label "frequently;" earlier this year, the figure was 55%. The 2009 results are up substantially from the 41% who said they bought private label frequently in a survey conducted just three years ago.

Obviously, consumers aren't as concerned at what they have in their shopping carts as long as they are carting home quality goods at reasonable prices.

Source: "Store Brands and The Recession," conducted for the Private Label Manufacturers Association, by GfK Custom Research North America and co-​sponsored by MMI (Marketing Management, Inc.), July 2009.  Website: www​.nielsenipi​.com.

C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith

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