More Than 40% of Adults Only Buy Clothing When It's on Sale

With spring officially in bloom, many Americans are cleaning out their closets and buying new clothes for warmer weather. A new survey from CouponCabin​.com reveals that many of those shoppers will be on the hunt for apparel bargains. More than four-​in-​ten (41%) of U.S. adults who do any clothing shopping report they only buy clothing on sale, while nearly one-​quarter (23%) of U.S. adults said their shopping strategy involves doing whatever they can to save money. 

While some shoppers said they do whatever it takes to save money, others report they have specific clothing shopping strategies. When asked how they would best describe how they usually shop for clothing for themselves or others in their household, U.S. adults said the following:

  • Go to a store, find what I want, buy it in store – 46%
  • Look for deal or coupon first, that will determine what I purchase – 10%
  • Find item I want to purchase, then look for deal or coupon before making the purchase– 7%
  • Go online, find what I want and buy it online – 10%

Sometimes preferred shopping routines include only shopping at the same stores. Forty-​five percent of U.S. adults who do any clothes shopping said they are loyal to particular clothing stores, with 18% saying they are loyal to one or two stores in particular. On the flip side, 33% said they shop wherever they can find the best deals.

When asked how much money they typically spend on clothing for themselves and/​or anyone else in their household per month, those U.S. adults who do clothes shopping said the following:

  • $1 — $50 – 60%
  • $51 — $100 – 21%
  • $101 or more – 20%

"Regardless of clothes shopping budgets, savvy shoppers are employing a variety of tactics to help lessen the bruising on their bank accounts," said Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer at CouponCabin​.com.

[Source:  Survey conducted by Harris Interactive/  21 Mar. 2012.  Web.  6 Apr. 2012.]