More Than Half of People Traveling With Pets Frustrated by Lack of Pet-​Friendly Accommodations

More than three-​quarters of traveling pet owners would take Fido or Fifi on every vacation if they could, although more than half report difficulty finding pet-​friendly accommodations, according to a recent survey commissioned by AAA and Best Western International. Consumer Spending logo
The survey also found:

  • Thirty-​five% of pet-​owning respondents admitted to sneaking their pet into a hotel or motel in the past.
  • Nearly one-​third (28%) of those who travel with pets indicate they would rather travel with their pet than with their significant other.
  • The top five frustrations respondents have with others who travel with pets are those who do not clean up after them (77%); those whose dogs constantly bark (53%); those who do not notify others their dog is aggressive (45%); not walking pets on a leash (42%); and owners whose pets are not trained to relieve themselves outside (30%).
  • The most popular pet-​inclusive vacations are visiting friends/​family (73%) and road trips (56%).

"Not every pet is right for travel and not every trip is right for a pet, but when the right dog or cat and the right trip come together you never forget it," said Bill Wood, executive editor, AAA Publishing.  Fortunately, many hotel operators have discovered the popularity of traveling with pets and are making special efforts to accommodate four-​footed friends.

Research conducted by AAA in conjunction with Best Western International, October 28, 2009.  Website: www​.aaanewsroom​.com.