Movie Marketers Should Factor Mobile into Media Strategy

According to a new survey, 56% of moviegoers say they use their mobile phones to learn more about movie and entertainment options, roughly equal to the 57% that learn about entertainment from TV.  Mobile phones are a much more important information source than PCs (used by 39%) or print media (used by 26%). Movie

The research shows that mobile phones play an important role for moviegoers, one that studios marketing films and multiplexes attracting patrons should increasingly factor into their media plans, says the report. Fully half of the movie going audience reports seeing a movie in a theater at least once a month, and 18% say they go to the movies three or more times per month.

Mobile moviegoers also use their phones in tandem with other media to learn about movies and entertainment. 87% turn to mobile after seeing ads for movies on other channels. Movie marketers should master the art of weaving mobile into a comprehensive mixed media strategy, suggests the report.

30% of moviegoers purchase movie tickets via their phones. This makes on-​device ticket purchases comparable to PC online purchases (cited by 34% of moviegoers) and box office purchases at showtime (35% of moviegoers).

Mobile moviegoers use their phones at all stages throughout the movie trip process: during pre-​show activities such as planning and purchasing, at the theater to “check-​in”, and after the show to plan other events. And mobile isn’t just an occasional information channel. 49% of moviegoers say they use their mobile phone “always” or “very often” to help plan their trips to the movies.

Mobile moviegoers are most interested in ads that showcase new movies and are most attracted to ads with video, sound and photos. Moviegoers prefer mobile ads that:

  • Feature new movies    49%
  • Showcase video, sound and photos    42%
  • Offer special deals or promotions    34%
  • Present presale ticket opportunities    31%.
  • Feature stars I like   28%
  • I can share with friends    23%.
  • Link to a ticket purchase page 19%

Whether the biggest blockbuster or the smallest indie flick, moviegoers consume movie and entertainment information on mobile after seeing ads elsewhere, leveraging their phones to make the moviegoing experience easier.  The study concludes with advice to movie marketers, pointing out ways to leverage mobile at every step on a movie buff’s path to purchasing a ticket.

  • 50% of mobile users on InMobi network plan to watch a movie in theaters within the next 3 months, and they are influenced by mobile ads
  • Moviegoers are receptive to mobile ads
  • Moviegoers frequent game, chat, entertainment and weather applications most often
  • Many moviegoers use mobile specifically to help them plan trips to the theater

All of these stages in the movie path-​to-​purchase are opportunities to reach these people and influence what they go see, incentivize them to spread the word, and encourage their next trip to the theater, says the report.

[Source:  IAB’s Mobile Center and InMobi/​Decision Fuel.  28 Feb. 2014.  Web.  13 Mar. 2014.]