Myth or Matter of Fact?

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877243_work_5 Every industry has its myths about what it takes to be successful, and sales are no different. President of Stevens Consulting Group Drew Stevens reveals what he believes to be major sales myths on his blog. He argues that throughout the sales industry, there really isn't a methodology to which salespeople can subscribe, and that it can be tough to develop professionally without any tried and true, black and white guidelines. He breaks down seven common myths, taking the time to explain why each isn't valid. One myth, in particular, may cause some disagreement among salespeople. It involves the utilization of the Internet to boost sales effectiveness. He writes: "The most important part of any business owner is to prepare for each and every appointment. The successful professional will always know the client or even the prospect. The Internet is most accessible and enables spontaneous information. Selling professionals might discover useful competitive and industry information that aids the client. However the Internet, like CRM, is not meant to augment the business relationship. According to ComScore Media Metrix figures for February 2008 there are approximately 270 million email users. Moreover, with the proliferation of electronic mail, more selling professionals are using this medium to remain in customer contact. My mentor Alan Weiss states, 'Language controls discussion, discussion controls the relationship and relationship controls the business'. Electronic mail and the Internet will aid immediacy of required customer content but it will never substitute for positive relationship building. In addition, there are many selling professionals today using a myriad of social media to aid in new sales. Prospective clients desire to conduct business with those they know and trust. Social media can never and will never provide the level of intimacy required for a professional and sustainable relationship. Introductions are fine but avoid the drawbacks of social media." Do you agree with Stevens? To read the other six myths, click here.

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