Nearly 4 in 10 Planning Tech Purchase in Next 3 Months

Many American adults of all ages – and the majority of Echo Boomers – indicate they have tech purchases on the horizon.  Looking ahead, nearly four in ten Americans (37%) — and the majority of Echo Boomers (54%) – plan on purchasing at least one tech devices from the tested list within the next three months. More specifically, roughly one in ten Americans indicate planning the following purchases within that time: femaletabletuser

  • Smartphone (13%), with planned Android (6%) and iPhone (5%) purchases in a statistical dead heat.
  • Tablet (11%), with iPad/​iPad mini purchase intent (6%) equaling combined intent for Amazon Kindle Fire series (3%) and Android powered (3%) tablets.
  • Computer (11%).
  • HDTV (8%).
  • A next-​gen gaming console (8%) with PlayStation 4 purchase intent (6%) outpacing that of the Xbox One (3%) at a 2‑to‑1 ratio.

Younger Americans and men are showing stronger intent to purchase tech items in the next three months.

  • Intent to purchase at least one tech item drops significantly with every generational step up, with Echo Boomers (ages 18–36) showing the strongest intent (54%), followed by Gen Xers (ages 37–48, 39%), Baby Boomers (ages 49–67, 29%) and finally Matures (ages 68+, 20%).
  • Men (45%) are also considerably more likely than women (30%) to have at least one tech purchased planned for the near future.

Americans with kids under 18 are considerably more likely than those without to be planning at least one tech purchase in the near future (54% and 32%, respectively), with some key gaps by category including:

  • Smartphone (21% of those with kids under 18, 11% of those without).
  • Tablet (21% with, 8% without).
  • Computer (21% with, 8% without)
  • Next-​gen game console (14% with, 6% without).


Three-​fourths of Americans subscribe to either cable (52%) and/​or satellite (25%) services, while one-​fourth (25%) have Netflix streaming subscriptions, 13% subscribe to Amazon Prime and 4% subscribe to Hulu Plus.

Steaming content usage doesn't necessarily point to cut cords, though:

  • For example, those with kids under 18 over-​index considerably when compared to the general population for streaming Netflix (37% and 25%, respectively) and Amazon Prime (18% and 13%, respectively) subscriptions, but show little divergence in combined cable and satellite subscriptions (72% parents, 75% general population).
  • Echo Boomers are another story entirely. In addition to being above the national average for Netflix streaming (41% Echo Boomers, 25% total) and Amazon Prime (17% and 13%, respectively) subscriptions, this generation shows considerably lower-​than-​average combined cable and satellite subscriptions (60% Echo Boomers, 75% total).

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[Source:  "The Harris Poll/​Tech Tracker."  Harris Interactive.  25 Nov. 2013.  Web.  27 Nov. 2013.]