Network Speed Edges Out Coverage, Reliability When Considering a Carrier Switch

According to the new Connected Intelligence Carrier Smartphone Report, from The NPD Group, network speed has grown significantly in importance from 25% of smartphone buyers considering a switch in carriers in Q4 2011 to 41% in Q4 2012. Network reliability and better coverage also grew in importance among those consumers. SmartPhone Carrier

With more data-​hungry applications and content hitting smartphones, consumers need to make sure they have a network that’s fast enough to enhance their experience, no matter where they go,” said Brad Akyuz, director, access practice, NPD Connected Intelligence.  “Consumers are willing to break ties with a network that can’t support their data needs and are leaning towards carriers that can provide enhanced data networks.”

Verizon Wireless is the top choice among cellphone buyers when it comes to network speed, followed by AT&T, Sprint, and T‑Mobile. T‑Mobile, even though being ranked fourth, was the only other carrier besides Verizon to increase customer perception of its network data speeds.

Overall, Verizon Wireless receives high marks from consumers for everything from pricing and reliability to speed and device selection, and that sentiment continues to grow,” said Akyuz.  “Verizon operates the largest 4G network in the U.S. and has put a lot of marketing dollars behind its 4G LTE, which appears to be paying off.  T‑Mobile has also made strides in how consumers perceive their network speed. They were the only other carrier to gain ground.”

[Source:  "Connected Intelligence Carrier Smartphone Report."  The NPD Group.  21 Mar. 2013.  Web.  1 Apr. 2013.]