New Crowdgame Ads Coming to Theaters

Moviegoers are finally getting adjusted to sitting through advertisements before the show begins. Now advertisers are rolling out something new – interactive ad campaigns. This new format has the potential to boost ad recall on the part of moviegoers, especially because of the fun factor.

New technology introduced by Audience Entertainment combined with an ad campaign by Disney Cruise Line is prompting audience members to participate in a ‘crowdgame’ as they view the ad. In the debut ad, an animated character engages in an aquatic ride for 90-​seconds. During that time, audience members move their arms like ‘human joysticks’ and control the character's moves as he finishes the ride.

A released by Audience Entertainment explains that the ads in this format are appearing before Twilight Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet in major cities across the U.S. in the weeks just before Christmas. The game combines live video, animation and audience motion. The company believes this format will work best for audiences comprised of children and their parents. Barry Grieff, CEO of Audience Entertainment Group, says the format is great fun “because moviegoers can truly interact directly with the advertiser on the big screen, making the brand both the star and the entertainment.”

The company anticipates working with national brands that want to reach consumers on the local level and want to try something new. These crowdgames are usually rolled out in a 2–5 minute format. Audience Entertainment is currently forming agreements with theaters around the country to establish the technology necessary to deliver this new ad format for marketers.

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Kathy Crosett
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