New Display Ad Measurement System to Help Marketers

Publishers have been hearing marketer complaints about online ad space, especially for display ads. The gold standard for pricing display ads is onlineadbased on the number of impressions served. But, a significant number of these impressions are never seen by consumers. Now, Google has received accreditation for a new system that addresses this problem.

Google’s new tool, Active View, is designed to help marketers understand what they’re buying on the digital page. Available on the Google Display Network, Active View gives marketers some peace of mind. Using the tool, advertisers know that they are paying for campaigns in which half of impressions appear on the viewable screen for at least one second. In addition, marketers can work in advance with the ad network to make sure they are buying the kind of space they want.

When marketers buy online display ads, they know some of their ads are not seen. This often happens when ads appear below the fold. (This refers to the need for users to scroll to the bottom of the screen before the ad is displayed and up to 10% of all served impressions fall into this category.) Some CTRs are also considered false, because the users clicked on them by mistake. When Active View is used, marketers know that the statistics they are receiving on how many people see their ads are more accurate than the number of impressions served.

Using the new measurement system, Google has found that:

  • Consumers who spend time viewing ads are 21 times more likely to click
  • As the viewing time increases, so does the click rate – a 20 second view time generates a 125% CTR increase over the industry average
  • Consumers who view ads below-​the-​fold are just as likely to click as they are on ads above-the-fold

Google says that Active view brings “accountability and efficiency to a display ad campaign.” With this information, brand advertisers, in particular, can understand who is seeing their ads.

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Kathy Crosett
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