New Email Strategies Coming for 2012 Holiday Season

Retailers are busy planning for that holiday time of the year. Earlier this week, I cited new PriceWaterhouseCoopers data that shows how marketer investment in email has been slowing this year. However, the big season for email is now here and Responsys has identified the best ways for marketers to connect with shoppers between now and Christmas.

While the holiday season is always busy, consumers have shown their willingness to shop during nontraditional times. This change in behavior has resulted in new marketing trends. For example, Thanksgiving Day buying is big. With stores now opening at the very end of that holiday, the majority of marketers, 75%, will send out at least one promotional email that day. In addition, Responsys analysts believe that December 21, the ‘last sleigh day’, will be another big email marketing day as retailers encourage shoppers to buy online before it’s too late to ship.

With more consumers checking their smartphones constantly, email messages received on these devices will be important this season. To boost sales, analysts believe savvy marketers should send out emails the day before Thanksgiving when consumers are traveling and perhaps waiting in the airport for a connecting flight. Christmas Day may prove to be another popular email day when shoppers are ready to spend the gift cards they received.

Responsys statistics show that retail emails jumped 16% last year when compared to the previous year in November and December. Each subscriber was receiving over 5 emails a week from top online retailers. All of this activity means a message could easily be lost in the huge volume that is generated during the holiday season – unless marketers use a few unique tactics to stand apart from the competition.

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Kathy Crosett
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