New Kids on the Block

Historically, the educational achievement of Hispanics in the U.S. has lagged behind that of the general population. U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that in 2007 only 58.2% of Hispanic men and 62.5% of Hispanic women had graduated from high school. The overall population had a high school graduation rate of at least 85% that year.

The college graduation rate for Hispanics indicated a similar disparity. In 2007, 11.8% of Hispanic men and 13.7% of Hispanic women reported being college graduates. In the general population, 29.5% of men and 28% of women held college diplomas.

But the achievement gap may be closing as Hispanics represent a larger percentage of the U.S. population and assimilate into the larger culture. During 2007, at least 9.4% of Hispanics enrolled full time in 2 year college programs and 19.8% enrolled full time in 4 year college programs following high school graduation. And Hispanics comprised 12% of full time college students overall in 2007.

Is it time to talk with your community, state or private colleges about the way they are marketing to the Hispanic population in your community?

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Kathy Crosett
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