New Product Rollouts to Prompt Retailers to Advertise TVs

Just when consumers thought they’d seen it all with respect to bells and whistles on their televisions, manufacturers are ready to sell something new. This year, large screen TVs with extra slim profiles will be lining store shelves. To move these products, both manufacturers and retailers will be rolling out new ad campaigns.

LG Electronics Co. and Samsung Electronics Co. are touting their new 55-​inch TVs at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The TVs will be light-​weight – less than 20 pounds and less than an inch thick. Analysts say the new TVs possess display technology known as OLED – organic light emitting diode. The current models of flat-​screen TVs use either LCD or plasma technology. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Evan Ramstad and Jung-​Ah- Lee point out that the advantages of OLED technology including a light-​emitting panel. As a result, the entire TV can be kept to a manageable weight and thickness. This technology is widely used in mobile phones and tablets.

But these TVs come at a cost. Analysts believe they will enter the market in the 3rd quarter of this year with a price tag of $8,000. This is a huge premium over the current average price of just under $1,000 for large flat-​panel TVs. Manufacturers have been working hard to interest consumers in buying TVs with new technology with limited success. For example, the widely-​touted 3D TVs comprised only 8% of sales in North America.

Some industry watchers are skeptical about consumer willingness to pay so much for a TV. However, it’s no secret that U.S. consumers spend many hours a day in front of their television. So, it’s likely that hefty ad campaigns will accompany the launch of these lighter TVs.

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Kathy Crosett
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