New Psychographic Reports Bring Affordable Lifestyle Data to Marketers

Ad-​ology Research announced today a new series of detailed yet affordable psychographic reports designed to help brand marketers, ad agencies and small businesses target consumers more effectively. Each Audience Interests+Attitudes report analyzes more than 70 lifestyle topics vital to building effective customer profiles.

Each report goes well beyond basic demographics, analyzing potential audiences and helping identify the best targets through consumer lifestyles, interests and attitudes. These include: Shopping habits, personal goals, media usage, Internet/​mobile and social media usage, sports interests, cause/​charity support, and attitudes toward various advertising topics.

Consumers are increasingly sophisticated, and understanding what’s in their hearts and minds is key to selecting the right audience and developing the right message,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-​ology Research. Smith said the cost of psychographic data often puts it out of reach of small and mid-​sized companies or brands. “We developed these new reports to be affordable and easy to understand, making this data accessible to more marketers,” Smith said.

Ad-​ology Audience Interests+Attitudes reports are available for more than 300 audience types with reports like Foodies, Political Talk Radio Listeners, Golfers, Local TV News Watchers, Store Brand Buyers, and Twitter users. Report prices start as low as $295 USD each.

Ad-​ology Research can also be commissioned to conduct a Local Audience Interests+Attitudes study for most media markets in the United States.

About Ad-​ology Research

Ad-​ology Research analyzes key marketing and advertising trends in over 440 industries and what motivates end-​customers. The company’s research is used by over 2,000 advertising agencies, media properties and product marketing departments across the United States. Ad-​ology is also a research partner for the 2010 American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition. Ad-​ology Research is a division of Sales Development Services (SDS), Inc. — a Westerville, Ohio firm founded in 1989.