New Survey: Store Web Sites, Online Video Have Significant Influence on Jewelry and Watch Purchases

Manufacturer and store Web sites have significant influence on jewelry and watch purchases, according to the Fall 2008 Ad-​ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice survey. Nearly half of respondents say manufacturer Web sites have some or significant influence on their jewelry or watch purchase, and 43.4 percent say the same about jeweler or retailer Web sites. Consumers also cited online video as an influence in their recent purchases, the majority of which are younger male watch buyers. “Online video is fast becoming an increasingly popular advertising vehicle, especially for marketers of style products,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-​ology Research. “Many videos found online for watches resemble mini-​movies more than commercials. Our study finds that for one in five male jewelry/​watch buyers 18 to 24, online video does more than entertain, it impacts what they buy or where they buy it.” Other key findings from the survey: 

  • 50.9 percent of U.S. adults 25–34 say they bought jewelry or a watch recently.
  • Nearly 84 percent of consumers prefer to buy jewelry/​watches in a store as opposed to online.
  • The store experience is important: 63.5 percent rate store reputation and 65.9 percent rate the sales staff as important factors in their purchases.
  • 47.9 percent of recent jewelry/​watch purchasers were influenced by information or advertising from newspapers. Magazines, television, and direct mail were also among the most influential traditional media.
  • More than 20 percent of respondents consider cause and/​or charity support by a manufacturer or store to be somewhat or very important. That number goes up to 25 percent for African-​American consumers.

“The results highlight the need for local jewelry and watch retailers to have a strong Web site that showcases their products visually, provides product availability information and reviews or comments from previous customers,” Smith adds. “Pre-​roll video advertising on other Web sites may also be an effective option for jewelry/​watch marketers.” The Media Influence on Consumer Choice survey is conducted quarterly by Ad-​ology Research to study on- and off-​line media influence on buying decisions. The survey asks a national consumer panel about key factors in their buying decisions. Respondents also rate nine types of online and seven types of traditional media in regards to how each influenced what they buy and where they buy it. The full report covering “Media Influence on Consumer Choice: Jewelry & Watches” is available through Ad-​ology and can be purchased online at http://​www​.ad​-ology​.net. The 60-​page downloadable report is $495 and features 27 data charts, consumer-​spending estimates on jewelry and watch purchases, and additional marketing insights. More information is available at www​.ad​-ology​.net or by contacting A.J. Fox at 614–794-0500 ext. 124. ABOUT AD-​OLOGY RESEARCH Ad-​ology Research was founded in 2005 to analyze key marketing trends in over 370 industries and what motivates end-​customers to make decisions about which products they buy and where they buy them. These insights allow marketers to craft and deliver an effective value proposition, drive channel optimization and increase market share, as well as to obtain and consult clients more efficiently. Ad-​ology Research is used by 80 advertising agencies and product marketing departments, as well as more than 2,000 media properties across the United States. More information is available on the Internet at: www​.Ad​-ology​.net <http://​www​.Ad​-ology​.net>. Ad-​ology Research is a division of Sales Development Services (SDS), Inc. The Westerville, Ohio-​based company was founded in October 1989. Ad-​ology is a registered trademark of Sales Development Services, Inc. METHODOLOGY Ad-​ology Research surveyed an online consumer panel of 1,105 adults in a manner that is 98% representative of the adult population of the United States from August 25–28, 2008. The margin of error for this survey is +/​- 2.0 percentage points. EDITOR'S NOTE: The Ad-​ology trade name should be hyphenated in all printed references.

C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith

CEO and Founder at SalesFuel
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C. Lee Smith


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