New Video! Advertising Smarter for Sporting Goods Stores

BY C. Lee Smith
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Episode 57 of Advertising Smarter focuses on Sporting Goods Stores — - and looks at how you can create the right message, at the right time…using the right media to reach the target audience for this category. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube, or subscribe to see every new episode upon release on iTunes. http://​youtu​.be/​s​_​Y​h​s​O​Z​Y​09w

Right message

The market for sporting goods retailers is intensely competitive. Pressure from various competitors is negatively impacting price-​and-​item strategies for Sporting Goods Stores. Now these retailers are focusing on what sets them apart from the competition. Local sporting goods stores have the advantage  — they provide the opportunity to touch, feel and try products. They also have helpful and knowledgeable sales personnel who know about local sporting events and outdoor recreational opportunities. In-​store classes and clinics, as well as having basketball courts and climbing walls, extend the time shoppers spend in the store. 

Right audience

Over a quarter of sporting goods shoppers are GenXers  — born between 1960 and 1980, and have an average household income of $50,000-$75,000. People with children under the age of fourteen make up almost twenty percent of sporting goods shoppers. One in two children play sports three to four times a week. 

Right messenger

Newspapers, broadcast TV, directories and radio are the top media used by sporting goods stores and make up about seventy two percent of the ad budget for stores across the United States. 

Right time + place

June, August and December are the peak sales months for sporting goods dealers, with December having the highest percentage of annual sales. Want to know more? Visit the featured links page on Adology​.com. Podcast written and directed by Amy Howerton This video features research findings from Ad-ology’s Industry Marketing Insights: Sporting Goods Stores. For even more insights… Ad-​ology PRO Subscribers:

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