New Video! Big-​Ticket Holiday Shopping, Online Shopping Research, Black Friday & Other Promotions

The 3rd quarter edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast focuses on holiday shoppers from the Ad-​ology AudienceSCAN Reports. http://​youtu​.be/​M​u​d​O​M​u​j​6​WpU SCRIPT: Hello everyone… and welcome to the Third Quarter 2013 edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast. [LEAD SEGMENT — BIG-​TICKET SHOPPERS] People are already starting to think about the holidays, specifically holiday shopping. Big-​ticket items such as high-​definition TVs, touchscreen tablets and smartphones are some of the items that will be popular this holiday season. Nearly 27% of consumers plan to purchase a high-​definition TV this year. About 19% expect to buy an iPad or Android touchscreen tablet and 31% of consumers will be in the market for a new smartphone or smartphone upgrade. Jewelry and watches will also be in demand with 24.7% of consumers shopping for these items. Approximately 40% of big-​ticket shoppers will make it a point to shop where the salespeople are helpful and friendly, but many are willing to compromise on quality to save money.  45% have favorite stores they frequent. When buying for themselves, big-​ticket shoppers want to buy a product that makes them feel accepted, powerful, bold, popular and prestigious. Almost a quarter feel that store brands are just as good as national brands but 20% of this audience will avoid buying from companies whose values conflict with their beliefs. They will also pay more for “green” products that claim to be better for the environment. [SEGMENT 2: ONLINE SHOPPING RESEARCH] You can expect product research and comparative shopping online to increase over the next few months. In the 30 days prior to being surveyed, about three quarters of high-​definition TV, touch tablet and smartphone shoppers reported using search engines to research product and service information. Before making a purchase, 30–40% of this audience will read reviews or comments from others who have already purchased the product they are considering. Over 20% of big-​ticket shoppers use their smartphones to compare prices with competitor locations while they are in the store. And, at least a quarter of big-​ticket shoppers will share a good experience with a product or store over social media. [SEGMENT 3: BLACK FRIDAY, OTHER PROMOTIONS] Following last year’s holiday season, many retailers said promoting free shipping, and using email, mobile and social media were the most effective ways to advertise. Fewer executives believe that keeping bricks and mortar stores open for longer hours and offering deep discounts at Thanksgiving are yielding enough benefits. As a result, we could see some retailers pulling back on the extent of their Black Friday promotions this year. While there will be plenty of shopping going on, there will also plenty of advertising opportunities for restaurants and small businesses during the holidays. 15% of US adults had at least one of their Thanksgiving meals at or from a restaurant. And 20% celebrated New Year’s Eve at a restaurant, bar or hotel. And don’t forget Small Business Saturday. 35.6% of US adults say they shop at a locally owned business of some sort on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. For more details, visit the research STORE at AD-​OLOGY dot com to purchase Ad-​ology AudienceSCAN reports for consumer purchase intent for a wide variety of big ticket items. That’s it for this edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast… I’m Doug Lessells. Written and directed by Amy Howerton This video features research findings from Ad-ology’s AudienceSCAN Reports. For even more insights… Ad-​ology PRO Subscribers:

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