New Video! New Car/​Truck Shoppers, What Auto Shoppers Want, Where Shoppers Get Info

The 2nd quarter edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast focuses on new car and truck shoppers from the Ad-​ology Automotive AudienceSCAN Report. http://​youtu​.be/​a​I​F​d​Z​M​y​C​nLE SCRIPT: Hello everyone… and welcome to the second quarter 2013 edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast. [LEAD SEGMENT — NEW CAR AND TRUCK SHOPPERS] Last January, Ad-​ology Research conducted a study of 12,451 US Adults to gather information on their purchase intent for new cars and trucks. 19.6 percent of US adults are in the market for a new vehicle in 2013 — which dropped slightly from 21.9 percent in 2011. 55 percent of the market is male and around 44 percent female. Where are these shoppers coming from? Over half of potential new car shoppers surveyed are Gen’Xers or Millennials — born between 1966–1993. 72 percent of new car shoppers own their homes and nearly half of new car shoppers live in suburban areas and have a cat or dog as their family pet. Ad-​ology reports that more than a third of new car shoppers have a Bachelor’s degree, or some college education. Approximately 40 percent view themselves as logical, outgoing and fun. [SEGMENT 2: WHAT AUTO SHOPPERS WANT] The top 5 auto brands sought out by new car shoppers are Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Honda and Nissan. More than a third of car shoppers are interested in 4‑door sedans and SUVs, while hybrid vehicles fall into the lower quarter. Why are new car shoppers planning on buying a new car in the next 12 months?  Nearly three quarters of new car shoppers are looking to replace a current vehicle that is 10+ years old. Other top reasons include: Wanting a newer model, problems with their current vehicle, a need for another car in the family, better gas mileage, and needing a vehicle with more room. For a notable majority of new car shoppers purchase price, gas mileage/​fuel economy and vehicle safely/​crash test ratings are top priorities. When it comes to vehicle options, new car shoppers “must have” lists include automatic transmission, cruise control, security systems and all-​wheel drive. [SEGMENT 3: WHERE SHOPPERS GET THEIR INFORMATION] When conducting research for a new vehicle purchase, auto shoppers say that newspapers are the most helpful source, followed by television and blogs. Potential car shoppers may also research via their smart phones.  The top smart phone activities include 82 percent viewing a website, 58 percent included watch videos online and 47 percent taking a photo of product they are considering. Other recent activities include getting map/​directions to a store, redeeming or downloading a coupon and shopping for price comparisons. And what should dealerships be advertising to reach this year’s auto shoppers? The most important points of differentiation are: Dealer reputation, selection of vehicles available, willingness to deal/​negotiate, dealer service department and responsiveness to quote request. On the other end of the spectrum celebrity/​athlete endorsement, sponsorship of favorite sports team or event or support of an important cause or charity seem to have no effect on decision making. When it comes to customer service, 52 percent of shoppers say they would shop where salespeople are helpful and friendly, and 34 percent of shoppers would buy a different brand to avoid a dealership where they’ve had a bad experience. New car shoppers are active and tend to support local events. The most attended events are farmers Markets, flea markets and concerts for popular singers or bands. For more details about Automotive Shoppers visit the research store at Adology​.com.  You can purchase Ad-​ology Automotive AudienceSCAN report for your choice of 40 automotive brands or view other automotive purchase intent topics in this series. That’s it for this edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast… I’m Doug Lessells. Written and directed by Amy Howerton This video features research findings from Ad-ology’s Automotive AudienceSCAN Report. For even more insights… Ad-​ology PRO Subscribers:

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