New Video! Q1 2014 Marketing Forecast Focuses on Small Business Marketing

The 1st quarter 2014 edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast focuses on the 2014 Small Business Marketing Forecast, featuring findings from the 6th annual Ad-​ology Research study. SCRIPT: Hello everyone, and welcome to the first quarter 2014 edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast. [LEAD SEGMENT: SMBS' OPTIMISM] Every year Ad-​ology Research conducts the most comprehensive study of small business owners and decision makers to learn more about their attitudes toward advertising and marketing. Now in its sixth year, the study uncovers which marketing methods are most effective for small businesses, and how those businesses allocate their advertising dollars. For example, small businesses are optimistic about sales growth in 2014, and this translates into anticipated increases in ad spending. [SEGMENT 2: AD SPENDING INCREASES] More than ninety-​five percent plan to spend the same or more on advertising in 2014 than last year. Specifically, nearly twenty-​one percent of small businesses say they'll allocate more funds to direct mail. Nearly thirty-​six percent say that direct mail is the largest share of their ad budgets. That’s more than TV, newspapers, radio, email, and all forms of online advertising. And while many small businesses have been quick to embrace free postings on social media networks, one-​fourth of those active on social networks expect to spend more money to advertise on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in 2014. [SEGMENT 3: EMAIL AND MOBILE MARKETING] Email marketing continues to be a priority among small businesses. More than three-​fourths sent email blasts to clients and prospects in the past year, and nearly twenty percent plan to send even more in 2014. Other findings from the study show there is room for improvement in some areas: Over thirty-​one percent of small businesses still don’t have a website; and of the nearly seventy percent that do, more than sixty percent of them are not optimized for smartphones. The Ad-​ology Research report also shows why small businesses advertise, and how they feel about the effectiveness of various advertising media. It even reveals the best days and times for marketers to reach out to small business owners. The full Small Business Marketing Forecast is only ninety-​five dollars and can be purchased right now in the Research Store on Ad​-ology​.com. That’s it for this edition of the Ad-​ology Marketing Forecast. I’m Doug Lessells. Written and directed by Beth Frederick This video features research findings from Ad-ology’s 2014 Small Business Marketing Forecast. For even more insights… Ad-​ology PRO Subscribers:

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