SalesFuel provides insights, ideas, research and advice for business professionals across North America through our various thought leadership platforms. While our editorial staff generates most of our content, we are happy to consider contributions from outside writers.

Here’s what we’re looking for in your submission:

  • A unique angle on a topic of interest to one of our core B2B audiences. These include professionals in sales, marketing, talent development, management, leadership and training.
  • A post of 700 words or less
  • An image supplied
  • Clean copy that does not require extensive editing
  • A brief bio from the contributor

We will not consider posts that are merely press releases designed to highlight a specific company’s products or services; nor will we publish articles that have been obviously scraped from another site.

We reserve the right to deny submissions for any reason and will consider submissions only if they are in alignment with our mission and core values.. We also reserve the right to edit submissions, though you will be given the opportunity to approve changes before publication. In addition, we will only publish up to three (3) posts from an outside contributor or company in any calendar year.

Note that we do not pay outside contributors for their work, nor do we require payment for inclusion in our editorial products.

Email your submission to our publisher Kathy Crosett at the email address below.

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