One Question To Pose to Prospects

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When speaking with prospects, do you have a go-question that always manages to get valuable information? If not, maybe you can borrow from Stone Payton, a sales consultant who, on a recent blog post, shared what he calls "one of the most powerful, productive questions" a salesperson can ask. According to Payton, a salesperson can reap many benefits by posing this question: "What's changing?" This simple, two-word phrase can provide valuable insight into a prospect's needs because, according to Payton:

  • There's always an answer
  • The answer is different enough for each company
  • The answer is so subjective (uncovers perception unique to the individual) that I can ask it of everyone in the company
  • The question provides the (much-needed) opportunity for the prospect to practice articulating some key change messages
  • The question so naturally breeds important conversation around implications and consequences
  • The question produces still more (truly meaningful) questions in the prospect's mind — creates one or more of those "coachable moments" so critical to consultative sales

Pose this question the next time you speak with a prospect-you may find that it reveals a wealth of information.

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