One-​Third of Shoppers Regularly Showroom

A new national shopper study conducted by Parago shows 58% of adult smartphone users and 1/​3 of all U.S. adult shoppers now regularly “showroom.” Showrooming is the shopping practice of checking out products in physical stores while comparing prices on smartphones and purchasing them for less on smartphones while in-​store or later at home online via computer or tablet. Mobile shopping

Shopping behavior has fundamentally changed. The combination of growing smartphone use, consumers’ determination to find the lowest price and the ability to make purchases on smartphones while in store is resulting in brick and mortar retailers losing buyers to savvy e‑tailers like Amazon in unprecedented numbers,” explained Rodney Mason, CMO of Parago, a global incentives and engagement company.

Even the retailer practice of offering exclusive items and SKUs is being worked around, as shoppers are now being served up similar items at lower prices on their smartphones, and they are buying them,” Mason added.

Key study findings include:

  • Amazon is the #1 way U.S. consumers compare prices on smartphones in store
  • A price difference of just $5 can sway shoppers from in-​store to Amazon purchasing
  • 58% of smartphone owners regularly showroom – 1/​3 of all U.S. adult shoppers
  • The majority of showroomers will buy a similar, but not identical item that they find on their smartphone if it is significantly cheaper
  • 67% of showroom shoppers will buy from a physical store over Amazon when the store matches Amazon’s price with a rebate
  • Shoppers showroom across a variety of retail categories including apparel, appliance, automotive, building supplies and tools, electronics and technology, entertainment, housewares and office supplies

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[Source:  "Parago Dynamic Pricing Study."  Parago.  23 Jul. 2013.  Web.  25 Jul. 2013.]