Online Ad Trends

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, reports that consumer-​related advertising accounts for just over half of online ad revenues. Here's the breakout by industry:

  • Consumer 55%
  • Financial Services 15%
  • Computer Related 15%
  • Telecom 8%
  • Media 6%

The consumer segment breaks out as follows:

  • Retail 47%
  • Automotive 21%
  • Leisure (Travel, hotel and hospitality) 13%
  • Entertainment 9%
  • Packaged Goods 8%

The same report notes that just over half (51%) of ads were priced on performance (such as cost per action such as sign-​up or purchase) while 45% were priced on impressions and 4% were priced on a hybrid of performance and impressions.

Read the rest of the report to see how 2007 compares with 2006 and keep these trends in mind as you develop media mix proposals for your clients.

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report 2007 Full-​Year Highlights

Kathy Crosett
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